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Our Taiko drumming group, HIBIKIYA, was formed originally in 2007 under the Lethbridge Community Taiko Association and then established itself independently under Southern Alberta Taiko Society in 2014. There are presently ten members who belong to the group.


We are passionate about sharing our love of and respect for Taiko drumming in Lethbridge and throughout communities in southern Alberta. We perform at many community events as well as in schools. We share our knowledge of Japanese culture as it relates to Taiko drumming. We offer workshops and hands on drumming experiences to the community. In order to learn and perfect new songs we meet once a week for several hours to practice.


Our sensei, Bryan Pervereseff, makes annual trips to our sister city of Towada, Japan where he is an honorary member of a Taiko group, Suijin Kamanari Daiko. He is taught and gifted songs which he brings back for HIBIKIYA to learn and perform.

The Japanese translation of HIBIKIYA is "Echo Place"

This name was chosen to reflect the relationship between Suijin Kaminari Daiko, a  group in Towada City, Japan and our Sensei, Bryan Pereverseff.

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